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By mehulmpt

News Reader Ionic application works because of data scraping.
NOTE: This application is ONLY MEANT for educational purposes. You're not allowed to redistribute, or use the contents retrieve in any commercial way, as per stated by the ToS of the website:

Attached are the index.html, js and css folder of www in helloWorld application.

For more details, refer to this tutorial: ... s9U07gS5P5

Enjoy coding!
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By Yamen
Thanks a lot! Would it be possible to show us how to create catagories, and orgnize the news insde catagories, like sport, weather etc. ?

You did load the date from website that you created, is it possible to load data from mysql database directly?

Thanks a lot :) I love your tutrials!
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By kavish
The application keeps on loading at start page only....No data appears at all in the site....I am a total newbie at IONIC so I might have miss something but can you help me with this?